Impeachment is accountability. No one is above the Law.

What is this?

This website is a collection of reasons why President Trump should face an impeachment hearing, be impeached, and be removed from office. While Impeachment should not be taken lightly, the seriousness of his actions demand accountability, for today and for posterity. If we wish to be a free nation, no one can be above the law.

Some reasons to impeach are black and white, criminal issues. Others are more nuanced, relating to character or American values. Please review these reasons. Share them with friends, co-workers, and your representatives in Congress.

Helpful Links

Trump Twitter Archive: Easy to search index of President Donald Trump.

10 Reasons to Impeach Trump: Well researched list of reasons to Impeach Donald Trump.

President Trump Early History: Two part podcast that gives insight into Trump and his business practice.

The words on this page reflect the opinion of the author. We all must draw our own conclusions.